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I love working as a Las Vegas escort, and I have met several clients that I will miss tremendously, as I am going to be staying in New York until after the holidays! I have family that desperately needs me to be at home for personal reasons, so, my bosses have hooked me up with a great service while I am away. I will be working as one of the elite escorts in Manhattan, and I am hoping if you are a regular client of mine, you will take the time to look me up if you are visiting the New York City area! Don't worry, I will be returning to Vegas, but not until the springtime. Until then, I will be one of the escorts in New York who will show their customers the best time of their life.

If you are on this page and you haven't had the pleasure of having me as your escort in the past, and you are from New York and are here visiting Vegas, well, I will be soon be in your neck of the neighborhood should you need a date to bring out for any reason. Since I am from the area, I will be able to show my clients the best spots for dining, dancing, and drinking. I know them all well! I also know how to read my clients, so I have a good idea what they will enjoy and what they might not really care for, so I will stay away from the latter.

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If you are travelling and New York is your destination, don't spend the time on your own. Call me up and we will hook up for a time together you will enjoy to the fullest. Not all of the amazing escorts in New York City are originally from the area like I am. They don't have the inside scoop on the hot spots! I will take you out where you will have fun!

If you want to relax a bit after our time out, just let me know and I'll be glad to come back to your room with you for some quiet time. I love watching television, giving gentle massage, or doing some private stripping if you wish. If you just want to talk, I can do that as well! I love entertaining my customers, and I hope you will look me up if you need and escort in Manhattan. I am excited to meet some new people, but I am also looking forward to having some of my frequent fliers come to the east coast for a date or two with me while I am away from Vegas!